A wellness writer with an autoimmune disease tries Sakara Level II DETOX.

There is no doubt about the increase of those suffering from an autoimmune disease in this country. As a wellness writer and someone who suffers from one of these conditions, I am happy that autoimmune issues are taking center stage. 

Each day is a struggle for those like me. I have to really think about and be conscious of everything I put into my mouth because each bite has consequences. I negotiate with myself and sometimes try to justify my choices only to feel sick and sorry later.

My health has really taken a hit over the last few years, and after a friend recommended SAKARA, I figured why not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I embarked on the LEVEL II DETOX journey, and I have never felt better.

I want to be clear that as a wellness writer, I need to stay unbiased and true to myself and to my readers, not a company so, this is a real journey that I share with integrity.


Day One

If you know anything about SAKARA, then you already know that opening your front door and seeing the box on your doorstep is an exciting feeling. I opened my box and carefully unpacked my meals, teas, and broths. I pulled out the beauty and detox drops and what will soon become my favorite drink ever; the afternoon probiotic drink. SAKARA in my opinion, takes into consideration one’s body, mind, and spirit so when I saw the dry brush and read about the ritual the proceeds everything I felt inspired, grateful and well taken care of. They take all of thinking away which makes a challenging Detox possible. Day one for me was relatively easy, but I guess I was just on an emotional high and excited. I was a little hungry at the end of the day, but it wasn’t too bad and felt like I could do this no problem. I truly enjoyed every meal and every sip.

Day Two:

Eating a plant-based whole foods meal in the morning is a break from my usual breakfast routine and looked more like lunch, but I went with it. The food was surprisingly delicious and much more filling than I thought. I actually had a difficult time eating it all. I was probably a little busier than I should have been 

(Packing a teenager for college) And found myself hungry and tired late in the day. This is where my love of the probiotic drink was born because each day at about the same time, I sipped that drink as if it were a heavenly pina colada. You will know what I mean when you try one, they’re amazing! Dinners are my favorite because I love the medicinal broth. The name alone gave me pause, and I thought it would taste well, like medicine, but it is so soothing and so delicious I could have that every night.

Physically, I was starting to feel bloated, tired, and a tiny bit hungry and didn’t sleep that well.

Day Three

This may have been my most challenging day. The euphoria of trying something new had worn off. I felt constipated and literally couldn’t go if you know what I mean. I felt tired and grumpy and lethargic, and I didn’t want lunch food for breakfast. I only ate about half of it, which was probably a mistake because I felt pretty hungry most of the day. I got a migraine headache that night, and then my emotions also got the best of me. I remember reading about all of these possibilities, but when they all happened to me, I was not in a good way. I went to bed early to just end my day, but before I did, I read my daily email from the team, which was comforting because I felt connected and knew I could reach out at any time. The funny thing is that I did sleep better.

Day Four

Ahhh, Soup Day !!! Soup day is the best day ever. I have unapologetically told everyone that I don’t do liquid days or juice cleanses. Well, SAKARA has elevated a day of liquids to something I found so easy and fulfilling, and I can’t wait to do it again. This was a great day! I knew I was in the home stretch. I woke up feeling leaner and lighter after a successful visit to the ladies room. I had slept through the night and somehow felt happy and ridiculously energetic.

Day Five

Ok, day three was so challenging that to find me feeling this good was shocking. Today I woke up feeling leaner and lighter and rather proud of myself. My stomach was totally calm which is such a rarity for me. I wanted another soup day and was sad to see it go. Today is the day where solid food returns, and as my Detox winds down, I decided to check in with my body and take stock. In my meditation, I found that my head felt very clear. It’s hard to describe because I don’t think I have ever felt quite so euphoric. I felt very energetic and inspired and had zero flare-ups of my autoimmune issues. I wasn’t ready to go back to my old ways of eating (which by the way is pretty clean, to begin with) so I was a little anxious about the program ending but a trip to the market and preparing for my first day off the detox was helpful.

Summary and recommendations

I set out to detoxify my body and to reset my microbiome (my tummy) I wanted to see if I could genuinely boost my immune system and balance myself. I think SAKARA delivered entirely and I intend to do this once a quarter. I am so impressed with everything this company stands for, and I am so grateful. I highly recommend this program to not just those with an autoimmune issue but to anyone trying to change their health trajectory. 

I do recommend that if one hasn’t done a detox before or if you don’t eat relatively clean on a regular basis, to perhaps do the SAKARA signature meal plan 5 days before the Level II detox….

Next time I’m doing it before and after ☺

Be healthy, Allison. 

Allison Quistgard Scherer
Sprig& Glow

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