The seasonal return of Chestnuts Exploring the fascinating history and health benefits of chestnuts. It’s that time of year again and a nostalgic one at that. The smell of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” brings forth such feelings of warmth, traditions and the upcoming holiday season. This sweet and earthy nut is now roasting [...]

Health Benefits of Cherries

Binging on Cherries this season ? Go for it ! These tiny, tasty summer treats are packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A, B, C and D. They contain potassium, flavonoids and fiber all of which have amazing health benefits. Not only will they help defend us from aging skin, they fight against cancer, gout and [...]

Ali quistgard at pearl day spa

Pearl Day Spa and Sauna

About: As an Aesthetician, I am rather obsessed with exfoliating and like the Koreans and much of Asia, I subscribe to the theory that full body exfoliation is a must and so frequenting the Korean Spas is part of my beauty ritual. San Francisco’s latest is located in the heart of Japan town and fulfills [...]

learning to meditate

Learning to Meditate

I live in Marin County, in Northern California. That means something because like every place I know of, we too are known for our clichés. Here, fashion is a studied casual and women’s daywear is more often then not sophisticated exercise or yoga wear. We shop at farmers markets, eat organic whenever possible, we are [...]

A Glowing Korean Mindset page header

A Glowing Korean Mindset

I am enamored with Koreans—every single man woman and child has incorporated skincare into their daily routines. Sounds like heaven on earth if you ask me! It is quite simply their way of life where quality family time is often spent at a Korean Day Spa. All generations of families go to the spas to soak [...]