Oily/Acne Prone-Skin

Oily skin is largely recognized by an excess production of oil. The overall pore size is larger and more widespread across the face and has a greater propensity for breakouts. This condition requires more cleansing, exfoliating and treatments. What happens in this case is that there is a build up of dead skin and oil, creating blockage in the follicle. It seems counter intuitive but one must be careful not to over cleanse and strip the skin. This can lead to irritation and even more oil productions, as the skin tries to protect its barrier. While this skin type can be challenging, the silver lining is that those with oily skin, tend to show the signs of age more slowly because the production of oil creates a wonderful layer of protection for the skin.

Oily/Acne Prone Skin Care Routine


1. Cleanse with oily or acne specific cleanser.

2. Toner

3. Optional: Antioxidant like vitamin C

4. Spot-treat breakouts if necessary.

5. Oil free moisturizer

6. Broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30

Note: Look for physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide. Try to stay away from chemical sunscreens containing PABA, and cinnamates, which are ingredients that absorb the sun’s UV rays and converts them into heat beneath the skin. This can create irritation and greater inflammation.


1. Remove all make up and sunscreen.

2. Preform a double cleanse. That means wash and rinse the skin twice.

3. Toner: anti bacterial

4. Optional, but recommended, treatment serum like Retinol to promote shedding

5. Optional: Spot treat break out with Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid gel or tea tree oil

6. Oil free moisturizer

7. Eye cream

Additionally, try to use a mask twice weekly and ice inflamed breakouts with ice as necessary. This will help to reduce inflammation.

Note: If you are an athlete and prone to sweat acne, try to cleanse your skin before exercising. If you are out of doors, apply sunscreen thirty minutes prior to your work out and perhaps reapply with a powdered mineral sunscreen as a second layer. If you are exercising inside, try applying a monolaurin gel beforehand and in both cases, double cleanse your skin, as quickly as possible, post workout.

Recommended ingredients for this skin type:

Foam and gel cleansers, anti bacterial toners, masks containing clay, sulfur and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Products containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) like salicylic and citric acid can help tremendously. Monolaurin gel and benzoyl peroxide are known to help mitigate breakouts.

Diet plays a significant role in skincare so remember to eat a healthy diet and consider an oral supplement containing zinc, vitamins B and vitamin C to help improve skin balance.