Allison Quistgard; Executive producer discusses with Andrew Weil MD, the definition of functional and traditional medicine, what western medicine does and doesn’t do well, what one can do to take back their health, the future of “big food” and “big pharma,” childhood immunizations and more…

How To Reverse Most Chronic Diseases: Dr. Dean Ornish, Anne Ornish and Host/ Co-Producer Allison Quistgard

An in-depth conversation with “ lifestyle medicine’s” founding father; Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne talk about their new book UnDo It! They explain that making simple lifestyle changes can reduce the most chronic disease. They lay out a road map of how to get there by following the four pillars as outlined in the book: eat well, move more, stress less and love more.

Marin Magazine – Reinvention

Ten days before the birth of her first son, Allison Quistgard-Scherer woke to discover that half of her face was paralyzed. “I knew what it was, because my cousin had Bell’s palsy before I did,” she says. “It was really a difficult time. We never really realize how much we take our faces, or our looks, for granted.”
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Hayes Valley Medical -Interview with Facial Expert

Allison Quistgard, LE is our Marin location Lead Clinical Esthetician and GLOW Expert. As well as a clinical esthetician, she is a wellness editor, freelance writer and blogger (for and Marin Magazine) with a passion for beauty, wellness, skin care, and the science behind it all.
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“Healthy Skin at Any Age” Television Interview

Healing from the Ground Up: Healthy Skin at Every Age

Everyone tells you to love the skin you’re in, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out the personal intricacies of skincare and what you need to do to get the glowing, beautiful skin you desire! As a medical aesthetician, Allison Scherer has seen it all, from dry and dehydrated skin to oily and pigment. In this television interview, she speaks with host Kathleen Nemetz about how to achieve healthy skin at every age. Whether you have teen acne, are a pregnant mother or are dealing with issues like aging skin or pigment there are certain standbys that ring true at any stage and for any skin type. Allison sheds some light upon the importance of overall wellness as she addresses nutrition, exercise, and sun protection to achieve that inner and outer glow.

Over the course of the interview, Allison and Kathleen discuss the causes of skin problems and how to remedy them through a consistent routine and a skin-healthy diet. Listen in for a brief explanation of the effects of hormonal shifts, the benefits of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods, and the simple and effective three-step process to kick-start your daily regimen for healthy skin at any age.

Print Publications

Marin Magazine

My parents used to say “listen to your elders”as if they had some kind of knowledge only their generation understood. But maybe there’s something to that wisdom, especially when it comes to healing the body. After all, Hippocrates, the Greek physician and “father of Western medicine,” said, “Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.” Science has proven what our elders have known for thousands of years: that certain foods can naturally help prevent and treat disease. Here are six healing foods with medicinal superpowers. Read more…

TEN DAYS BEFORE the birth of my first child, I woke up and realized half of my face was paralyzed. The combination of an autoimmune disease with the rigors of pregnancy changed my life completely. While part of how that experience transformed my life was described in an article called “Reinvention” in this magazine’s January issue, the bigger story now is that it intensified my commitment to healthy living. Read more…

When my colleagues and I first began publishing our research studies 40 years ago showing, for the first time, that heart disease was reversible, there was a lot of controversy since we were challenging the conventional wisdom. Since then, we’ve continued to show that these comprehensive lifestyle changes can reverse the progression of many chronic diseases, including early-stage prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity, depression, and others. We also found that changing lifestyle changes genes — turning on genes that keep us healthy, turning off genes that cause many chronic diseases. And we found that these lifestyle changes lengthen telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes that regulate aging — reversing aging at a cellular level. Since we’ve published all of our research in the leading peer-reviewed medical journals, and now that Medicare and most insurance companies have been covering my program for reversing heart disease, these ideas that were once controversial have become mainstream.

Why is Marin one of the healthiest places to live in the state? Clean air, clean water, overall affluence, a strong community and an ethos of respecting nature all contribute to a healthy, beautiful environment in Marin. Read more…

Project You

Allison was a contributing expert writer who shared her insight into skin types and anti-aging routines as seen in Chapter fourteen.
Project You is not another book about the latest fad diet or juice “cleanse”. It is about living a clean and healthy life that will set you on the path to longevity.

Allison was a contributing expert writer who shared her insight into skin types and anti-aging routines as seen in Chapter fourteen.


The four principals of the book are

ONE: The importance of superfoods & how to use them
TWO: The secrets to glowing skin & hair
THREE: Exercise tips & simple workout routines
FOUR: Daily practices for mental & spiritual wellness

Published Magazine blogs

Binging on cherries this season? Go for it! These tasty summer treats are packed with vitamins A, B, C and D, potassium, antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber, all of which have amazing health benefits. Let’s dive into the benefits of this mighty little fruit and find out where you can get your fill at a cherry-picking venue in the Bay Area. Free radical-fighting cherries are packed with Vitamin C and flavonoids, which neutralize oxidative damage to the body.
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It’s that time of year again and a nostalgic one at that. The smell of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” brings forth such feelings of warmth, traditions and the upcoming holiday season. This sweet and earthy nut is now roasting at the Marin farmers market on Sundays! Let’s take a look at one of the earliest foods ever consumed in America: its unique history, surprising health benefits, its many uses and where to find them.
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Each autumn we are graced with the return of the pomegranate, the most royal of the fruits. The small ruby red seeds, or arils, are packed with antioxidants that fight anything from cancer to helping lower blood pressure. This exotic fruit, that sports its own distinguished crown, historically symbolizes abundance, prosperity and even good luck. Grab some of these exotic fresh fruits at the farmers’ market where they are proudly displayed until January or pick some up at your local grocery store.
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The fall season often connotes visions of Halloween, the changing colors of the leaves and our clocks, but it also brings forth warm feelings of comfort found in traditional fall foods like winter squash. The season is upon us so head to the farmer’s market and find your favorite squash for the next few months.
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You don’t have to fly to Seoul, South Korea to find out why the “Jimjilbangs” or Korean bathhouses might just be the next big thing. Luckily for us there are several such spas right here in the Bay Area. Let’s explore what happens in theses bathhouses and why they can be a healthy and therapeutic addition to one’s wellness and beauty rituals.
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There’s a moment when you stand in front of the mirror and notice a change in your skin. It might be the first time you start to see a shift but it definitely won’t be the last. Just like the transitions in our lives, our skin also evolves right along with us. Here is an easy guide to skin care at any age and things to consider in an effort to maintain optimal skin health.
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