Sensitive/Sensitized Skin

While sensitive skin is a type it is also considered a condition.  It is usually a result of environmental factors like pollutants, over exposure to the sun, and stress. The cause can also be one of genetic predisposition. Sensitive skin can be prone to redness and is easily irritated. It is sensitive to heat and sun exposure and can be thin and fragile. Skin sensitivity often increases with age as our production of water and oil diminishes. Be sure you use gentle and calming ingredients at home and in the treatment room. Nourish the skin with humectants and moisturizers and be cognizant of irritants.

Sensitive Skin Routine


1. Rinse with warm water

2. Use a gentle toner

3. Optional: Apply Antioxidant: My favorite is a vitamin C serum with or without vitamin E

4. Moisturizer

5. Eye cream

6. Sunscreen, Broad spectrum UVA/UVB with at least SPF 30

Note: Look for physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and or titanium          dioxide. Try to stay away from chemical sunscreens containing PABA, and cinnamates which are ingredients that absorb the sun’s UV rays and converts them into heat beneath the skin. This can create heat rash, irritation, redness and inflammation.


1. Remove make-up and sunscreen: perhaps try a Miceller water & oil cleansers

2. Double cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser

3. Use a gentle toner

4. Optional:  Apply nutrient rich serum to help repair barrier

5. Hydrating Moisturizer

6. Eye cream

The goal with sensitive and sensitized skin is to calm and cool. Ingredients to keep in mind are aloe vera, allantoin, azulene, chamomile and licorice. Be mindful of irritants like fragrances, color agents, essential oils and preservatives.

There is no one solution for any individual skin type. What works for one person may not work for another so stay open to experimenting.  I like to compare skincare to construction work. Sometimes you need a hammer and sometimes you need a wrench! Our skin will have different needs at different times throughout our lifetimes so mix it up. If you are dry, add a hydrator and or a moisturizer. If there is a special time of the month where your hormones wreak havoc on your skin, change up your routine to meet your immediate needs. If you will be in the sun all day, floating on a boat and sipping libations, remember to apply sunscreen every two to three hours and at least thirty minutes before you expect to be exposed.